Our Services

Automation Programmers specialising in Siemens & Allen Bradley Control System software development.

Leveraging both modern industry standard & bespoke remote access solutions in order to provide cost-effective & secure future-proofing of your system.

SCADA Tobacco System
Siemens SCADA Systems

Specialist in all aspects of SCADA System design, configuration & programming. Although we mostly deal with Siemens and Allen Bradley our in-house team has the ability to program or modify many other systems.

Siemens PLC Programmers
Siemens PLC Engineers

Our skilled PLC Programmers breath logic, they have extensive experience in control system design & philosophy. We can take your ideas put them into code and commission the end product in the real world.

Remote SCADA - Trends
Cloud Integration

Lack of quality native HTML5 implementations of industrial monitoring solutions or “Web SCADA” lead us to build our own. The issue with current products is the need to use plugins or remote viewing software, rather than seamless browser integration.


The Team

Dominic Sherry - PLC Programmer UK
Dominic Sherry MSc. ⚔️
PLC Programmer & Software Architect

Joel Duncan - SCADA & Server Side Programmer
Joel Duncan 🐧
SCADA/Server Side Programmer

Richie Brimmer Siemens SCADA Engineer
Richie Brimmer ⚽
SCADA Programmer


Duncan Brimmer Siemens SCADA Programmer
Duncan Brimmer 📹
Commercial Director & SCADA Programmer

Andrew Smith Siemens PLC Programmer UK
Andrew Smith 💡
Technical Director & PLC Programmer


About Us

Being a small outfit who’s been incorporated for over a decade, with 30+ years experience in this industry we’ve gained knowledge and partnerships that our larger competitors struggle to match. This is mainly due to there employees constantly changing and moving on. Our tight knit network of employees and partners allows us to provide quality with a personal touch and guarantee the same engineers see your projects through.

S7200 S7300 S7400 S71200 S71500 TIA Portal Programmer, Simatic Step 7 provides a range of languages including; Ladder (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Statement List (STL) , Graph and Structured Control Language (SCL) for Micrologix-300 and Micrologix-400 PLCs. Allen Bradley Micrologix Totally Integrated Automation portal (TIA portal) programmers.

Step 7 Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) programmers. Siemens TIA Portal V11, V12, V13, V14, V15, V16 programmers based in the UK. Siemens PLC & SCADA Programmers in Hampshire, Southampton. South Hants PLC Programmers. Siemens Automation Programmers.

South East based Software Engineers, specialising in Siemens TIA Portal & Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC Programming. Based on South Downs United Kingdom.

TIA Portal V16 Ready, IIoT eWON Programmers. SCADA Remote Access specialist with bespoke secure remote programming hardware and software.